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Manifesting your dreams

Published June 9, 2010 by Crystal

It looks so easy when it’s written down.  All the self help books suggest it is. Manifest Your Dreams.  But what stops us getting our goals?  What’s stopping our dreams becoming reality?

Yesterday we went to view a house for a second time.  It’s still on the market.  I still love it. It needs work, there’s no denying.  But it’s chock full of potential, and I can see myself living there.  But I want to do all I can to secure this house, and this is where I come unstuck.  I get impatient, anxious, terribly stressed, and start thinking negatively.  We took our house off the market a few months ago, as the stress and anxiety got to deafening point and we needed a break.  But putting this house back on, takes us back there.  I feel the anxiety bubbling up again.  I feel the frustration and sheer vulnerability that I really can’t move things to my time scale.  I’m a fairly positive person.  I believe we can improve and change our situations if we want to.  But I’m feeling stuck as to how to go about it at the moment.  Anyone got any ideas?  Anyone got any positivity they want to send my way?  Feel free to send it in bucketloads!

Meanwhile I shall get on with the task of decluttering, and cleansing this house. Get the energy swirling and whirling. That will help!


Moonlight Bay

Published June 8, 2010 by Crystal

My friend pointed out how amazing and ridiculous some of the paint colour names are these days. As I tootled around my local DIY store I was bombarded with various titles “Sunset Beach”, “Pashmina”, “Mint Ice Cream”, “Cocoa Blush”!

But wait, there’s more. No longer do you have to put up with Brilliant White alone.  How about white with a “Hint of Mint Ice Cream”?  No wonder I spent many hours trawling up and down the aisles looking for my perfect colour.  And I’m a cheapskate. My trick generally is to look through the brand names and find a colour I like, and then match as close as possible to some cheaper home store version.

Anyway. I chose my colour.  Quite proud of the calming gentle blue, imagining my chip paper free hall, bathed in the glow on Moonlight Bay.  And then I walked into the kitchen today.  For those of you that don’t know my house the hallway fallows from the front door straignt through to the kitchen.  Which is blue.  Why did I not remember our kitchen is blue?  Why did I think it was still a minty green as it was 2 years ago?  So now my house will be really quite blue on entry.  Is this a good thing or a bad thing?  I suppose only time and viewings will tell? 

So today I’m off to paint a wall, and see how it looks. I better actually get on with it, rather than faff here!

Moving On

Published June 7, 2010 by Crystal

This month signifies a year since we first put the house on the market.

And here we remain.

Frustration and anxiety led us to taking the house off the market a couple of years ago, but a couple of months on, I realise the reasons we wanted to go remain, and the desire to find somewhere else continues.

But in this climate, things are hard.  On my street at the precise moment there are 7 houses for sale. A house similar to ours is selling for £20,000 under what we can afford to drop to. Admittedly it needs alot of work, but then a year on our house looks tired and in need of a new paint job. So the question is how do we go about marketing it in the most appealling positive way to get us moving?  We are on the market currently, but I would call it lazily. We’re on with Tepilo, and whilst Tepilo seems to be getting good reviews and support, not enough people have heard of it yet to refer to it yet. The biggest website continues to be Rightmove.  So now I’m torn with the dilemma, do we give Tepilo and bit longer, market the house ourselves in as many ways as possible, or do we go to some online agent who will charge less than a High Street agent, but get us onto the big online house selling sites?

Goodness I hate this house marketing malarky.

On the plus side, all the vital signs of the housing market seem to be improving. House prices are rising, houses are being bought and sold, first time buyers are managing to get their feet on the first rung of the ladder.  So it’s good.  But it’s slow, and it’s exhausting.

Today I need to get my head down and work out the best way of tackling this tedious issue again. Think about rearranging rooms to optimise their appeal, decide which places need the most amount of paint work, and detach myself somewhat.

It’s been recommended that I remove all the family photos.  But how far do you go before the house looks bare?  When you view a house do you like the homely feel?  Or do you prefer the starch look?

Oh well, best get on. In some way.  Any ideas greatly appreciated!

A Sunnyish Sunday

Published June 6, 2010 by Crystal

Yet another day to make the most of.  No work, and an opportunity to be with the ones I love!

So we’re off to Lydiard Park, near Swindon. I’ve heard it’s a lovely place with a super duper play area for the kids, plenty of walking opportunities, don’t know what else.  Another opportunity to Move effortlessly, to not stress about not getting to the gym, to enjoy a picnic, food chosen by me for me, rather than a horrendously expensive cafe!

The last couple of days have been a bit strange. I’ve been rebelling against something, but what, I’m not sure!  I haven’t been following the Principles I now hold dear, stopping when I’m satisfied being the main one. I’ve gone that little bit further each time. Eaten out of boredom, out of frustration. And I’ve not wanted to listen to myself, to find out what’s wrong.   I suspect it’s risen out of my evening of drinks on Thursday night. I still had some sort of diet mentality and was thinking “Well I’ve blown it now, I may as well not worry for a while”.

But the thing with Intuitive Eating, or Normal Eating as many call it, is that there is no “blowing it”, no failure, no starting again tomorrow. Normal Eaters have days when they drink too much, or eat too much, or both. Normal Eaters occassionally use food or drink for something other than fuel.  And that’s ok.  But Normal Eaters also listen to their bodies during and after these times, and in the times after they tend to notice the need for less food.  Fact is, they may not actually notice.  They just actually are led to eat less, and do it without any big drama.

But my journey as a Normal or Intuitive Eater is in it’s early stages, and alot of the time I am consciously going through the principles that then make me aware of what and how much I eat.  I’ve got to admit.  Sometimes it’s a drag!  Sometimes I would much rather be calorie counting, or having days of various colours, or drinking sickly milkshakes because in the simplest ways these diets would make alot of things easier.  Control would be taken away from me.  I would be eating the right amount to aid weightloss, and I wouldn’t be having to question myself as to why I want to eat a particular food or volume because I’m upset or angry.  If I was very “good” I would be able to suppress all my emotions for a few weeks on a diet! I would see weightloss and would be able to celebrate that victory!

And then the backlash would arrive, as has done so many times.  All the weightloss would be brought back with several episodes of overeating.  All those emotions I’ve crushed for so long in my bid to be “good” and “successful” and with “strong willpower” will bubble up to the surface.  And I would have learnt no coping mechanisms to deal with these feelings.   These diets, successful in quick weightloss,  and rich in promises of healthy habits and healthier lifestyles, fail to deliver.  Because habits have to come from a place of desire.  You have to want to exercise, you have to want to eat less, you have to want to make healthier food choices.  You have to believe and know in your heart and your head that you will feel better, happier, healthier and benefit from these changes.

This is why Intuitive Eating is so important for and to me. I want to reclaim the power for myself. I believe that I can make my own sensible decisions, and that somewhere deep in this noggin, I am capable of looking after myself and my own needs.  Actually I want to feel healthier. I want to nurture my mind body and spirit.  Actually I want to eat foods that benefit me in all these ways.  Not because someone who’s making millions out of the diet industry has told me, and because they (think they) know what I should eat.

It’s because I’ve learnt from eating different foods.  From the fry up to the feta salad!  I’ve listened and felt how my body has responded to different foods. I’ve felt sugar slumps, caffeine cravings, and then I’ve felt the healing energy of a nurturing salad.  Yes, on some faddy diet I would be eating a salad and benefitting from it.  But I would be eating it because I’ve been told too, and I’ve been told I would benefit.  It’s only through making the choices myself and listening to my body that I’ve really understood how much better I feel.

So today I shall continue trying to make those beneficial choices. The choices that make my body sing.  I will tune in to myself at various points of the day.  And live in the moment. 

Have a lovely Sunday!

New Day New Blog!

Published June 5, 2010 by Crystal

Well quite frankly the other blog suppliers can go whistle up a large chimney!

Here we are with my next attempt, I shall try to be completely copyright breach free, and only give me words of wisdom that I alone have made up! So the blogs maybe shorter. Much much shorter. Unless I can flesh them out with petty ramblings of some sort.

Anyway, it’s been a funny old weekend. I’ve managed 25 minutes in the gym after a work shift and I feel good for it! Hope I can make this an enjoyable and happy habit! I’m also wine free this evening, through choice, and that feels good too! So all in all we’re up for a promising start to Sunday with no hangover and a perky me.

I hope your Saturday is as lovely, and I hope to be able to return to you tomorrow, still here, still blogging.  Unless they catch up with me………