Moving On

Published June 7, 2010 by Crystal

This month signifies a year since we first put the house on the market.

And here we remain.

Frustration and anxiety led us to taking the house off the market a couple of years ago, but a couple of months on, I realise the reasons we wanted to go remain, and the desire to find somewhere else continues.

But in this climate, things are hard.  On my street at the precise moment there are 7 houses for sale. A house similar to ours is selling for £20,000 under what we can afford to drop to. Admittedly it needs alot of work, but then a year on our house looks tired and in need of a new paint job. So the question is how do we go about marketing it in the most appealling positive way to get us moving?  We are on the market currently, but I would call it lazily. We’re on with Tepilo, and whilst Tepilo seems to be getting good reviews and support, not enough people have heard of it yet to refer to it yet. The biggest website continues to be Rightmove.  So now I’m torn with the dilemma, do we give Tepilo and bit longer, market the house ourselves in as many ways as possible, or do we go to some online agent who will charge less than a High Street agent, but get us onto the big online house selling sites?

Goodness I hate this house marketing malarky.

On the plus side, all the vital signs of the housing market seem to be improving. House prices are rising, houses are being bought and sold, first time buyers are managing to get their feet on the first rung of the ladder.  So it’s good.  But it’s slow, and it’s exhausting.

Today I need to get my head down and work out the best way of tackling this tedious issue again. Think about rearranging rooms to optimise their appeal, decide which places need the most amount of paint work, and detach myself somewhat.

It’s been recommended that I remove all the family photos.  But how far do you go before the house looks bare?  When you view a house do you like the homely feel?  Or do you prefer the starch look?

Oh well, best get on. In some way.  Any ideas greatly appreciated!


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