Manifesting your dreams

Published June 9, 2010 by Crystal

It looks so easy when it’s written down.  All the self help books suggest it is. Manifest Your Dreams.  But what stops us getting our goals?  What’s stopping our dreams becoming reality?

Yesterday we went to view a house for a second time.  It’s still on the market.  I still love it. It needs work, there’s no denying.  But it’s chock full of potential, and I can see myself living there.  But I want to do all I can to secure this house, and this is where I come unstuck.  I get impatient, anxious, terribly stressed, and start thinking negatively.  We took our house off the market a few months ago, as the stress and anxiety got to deafening point and we needed a break.  But putting this house back on, takes us back there.  I feel the anxiety bubbling up again.  I feel the frustration and sheer vulnerability that I really can’t move things to my time scale.  I’m a fairly positive person.  I believe we can improve and change our situations if we want to.  But I’m feeling stuck as to how to go about it at the moment.  Anyone got any ideas?  Anyone got any positivity they want to send my way?  Feel free to send it in bucketloads!

Meanwhile I shall get on with the task of decluttering, and cleansing this house. Get the energy swirling and whirling. That will help!


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