Healthy Eating? Just souper!

Published January 4, 2011 by Crystal

I used to love soup. When Covent Garden Soup Company had a shop in Cheltenham I’d often visit there in my lunch break. All the choices, and the little extras. It made soup seem a luxury. But then came my extended time in diet clubs. And soup, that versatile, luxurious lunch, became the miracle cure to weight loss. Point free, syn free, taste free. I’d eat them to fill up the hole, to smother the hunger pans that came from eating too many points too soon in the day, or while my syn free quiche was cooking in the oven. Of course for the most part I had to make my own soups. The deliciousness of creamy concoctions were out of bounds.
I’ve been practising the art of intuitive eating for the last 3 years, and in those 3 years, I’ve spent alot of time making peace with foods that were restricted, or condemned as bad, and also with foods that I started to loathe because the joy was taken away. One of these is, yes, you’ve guessed it, soup!
The joy of buying a soup based on flavour is a revelation, but also the idea that I can actually have soup because I want some, and not because I’m trying to fill the hunger void. Picking a soup, without needing to look at the calorie content is a lovely feeling.
The irony is though, that I’m making healthy choices because it makes me feel better through the day. Cream dense soups can leave me feeling sluggish, while a nice leek and potato soup has a creaminess but not the heaviness.
Isn’t it sad how foods can become so tainted by our dieting mentality?


2 comments on “Healthy Eating? Just souper!

  • Yes, sad how soup eating has become tainted for you 😦
    I love soup! We have it at least once a week, usually on Monday, and usually a left over from Sunday roast soup! Not that there would be left overs, but I do extra on purpose! My fav soup is tomato, but I don’t usually make it unless I can get a tray of tomatoes in the summer (when they are cheap!).
    We have soup today, it’s onion, swede, parsnip, carrot, courgette, and red lentils. I find that putting a courgette in soup makes it creamy.

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