January Jargon; How to end up feeling well and trully miserable, and an utter failure

Published January 11, 2011 by Crystal

Christmas and New Year are well and trully passed. I know this, not only because I’ve taken the decorations down, and am sitting in a house full of toy tat and disorganisation, but also because of the relentless advertising telling me how I can lose weight, get rid of those toxins, and generally have a better life and smaller body! A certain diet club sent me vouchers, enticing me to join for a bargain price, and Martine McCutcheon recommends 14 days of a yogurt to find Tummy Loving Care. Everyday the newspapers bombard us with stories of celebrity weightloss, and of course those celebrities have all brought out their fitness dvds to help us shed that Christmas weight.
So how is a girl, who has turned her back on quick fix diets and detoxes, meant to get through January in a joyful way? What do I focus on when all the focus around me is image crazy?
I have to admit it, I’ve gone militant. I’m searching for the voices of reason, to support me, and to give support to others. The voices that say, actually we’re ok the way we are, and that actually we can live full lives now, at the sizes that we are! Yes I want to lose weight, yes I want to feel healthy and vibrant, but I want to do it in a way that is in tune with my body and mind. And it’s working. I have to remind myself of this! I have made so much progress over the last 3 years, that to jump on the diet bandwagon, while not ruining all that hard work, would be futile. In fact. I just cannot do it anymore! I cannot diet. Something in my brain has switched. The minute, nay the second, that I suggest dieting to myself, a number of thoughts and feelings engage to create a fortress and it’s game over! The minute my brain thinks it might be deprived in some way it goes all out to ensure my mind is quickly changed back. I can’t explain this other than, once you’ve felt the freedom of intuitive eating, once you’ve allowed yourself to believe that no food is forbidden, it’s very very hard to go back to forbidding yourself. But on the upside, when no food is forbidden, an awful lot of foods that you thought yourself addicted to, lose their attraction. When you tell yourself that you can have chocolate whenever you want, the clandestine relationship vanishes.
Today I am looking for all the blogs that are nurturing and supporting me. I’m reading the forums where I can find the like minded people. Let’s face it, dieting unites people. It’s a club where so many of us have found friends and understanding. I need to find that unity for myself, so I don’t feel so out of the club and alienated. Fortunately there are others out there, shunning the diet myths. It’s a case of looking. And oh how I’ve looked today!  There are plenty of blogs based around Intuitive Eating. With all the highs and lows.  Have a look around, you don’t have to agree with it all, but it’s a refreshing viewpoint.



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