Ch Ch Changes

Published January 12, 2011 by Crystal
Talk yourself into it!

The little changes make the big differences

Another wet, miserable day.  January at its finest!  Yesterday I didn’t walk the dog up the hill, what with the wet miserable weather, I preferred instead the idea of poached eggs on toast, a bit of internet surfing, and an exercise DVD later.  But I haven’t done an exercise DVD at home since we got our big rug in the lounge, and it turned out that feeling the burn with a bit of boxercise isn’t so easy when every time I jumped and kicked the rug slid impressively across the room!

So this morning I knew that there was only on real option, and one the dog would be grateful of.  The walk up the hill.

Now I’m not a morning person, especially when I haven’t got to bed til past midnight the night before.  And it’s wet, and oh so miserable.  And when I got into the school playground this morning, my walking buddy told me she’d not be joining me on the morning excursion.  Damn it.  Noone to encourage me along.  And it’s so wet.  And my trousers are so long I need ot roll them up, but evrey few yards they roll back down again.  You can see the precidament.  There’s a lovely warm house two streets away.  Or there’s a muddy hill.

But today I decided I had no excuse.  The dog deserved a good walk.  I deserved a good walk!  So off we went.

I can’t tell you exactly what it is that has changed in me over the last six months.  I’m not an exercise bunny by any means.  But I have learnt over the last 3 years that ultimately it’s movement that is going to really help keep my body in the best shape possible.  And it’s how you feel after some movement of some sort.  All those endorphins zipping around, that comfortable exhaustion, that moment you can sit down with a cuppa knowing you’ve down something beneficial for yourself.   But 6 months ago I would have walked back home on a day like today, thinking of all the reasons why a walk up the hill is a bad idea, and how much better I’d be at home.  I’m surprising myself with my new attitude.  It’s not constant by any means, and it did stop two thirds of the way up the hill today.  But it’s a change.  And it’s these small changes that do make the difference.  Tonight I’m off for another session of zumba.  I loved it on Sunday, moving vigourously to fast paced songs, shaking my arse, wobbling my wobbly bits!  I can’t promise myself that I’ll keep up the zumba sessions, but I can enjoy it while it lasts, and see the benefits that come from it.

It’s January.  The month of resolutions.  But when those resolutions are so radical and ridiculous, we set ourselves up to fail.  Habits take time to develop, and they don’t have to be big and impressive.  Over time they can still have a big impact!  Often we may find the small changes can be habits we can keep up.  Good luck with your little changes, and enjoy looking forward to your big results!


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