Queen for a day, but which castle

Published January 13, 2011 by Crystal

View from the roof of the castle

My mum, sister and brother in law brought Rob and I English Heritage membership for our Christmas present. What a fantastic gift! What brilliant weekends we’ll be able to enjoy, seeing many of England’s historical properties. Goodrich Castle is fairly close to us, and Kenilworth isn’t far either, so now I have to decide which way to take the kids! Or do we visit Stonehenge again, seeing as we won’t have to pay this time! And we’ll get free parking in Avebury. Oh the choices!
It will be a great way to get the family out and about, and moving together. Trekking up and down all those castle steps! Have you been to Dover Castle? Blimey the steps in that place! And the heights! I’m not good with heights, well more the fear of falling, so some spots I avoided. A beautiful castle though, and so worth the visit. The World War 2 tunnels were fascinating, the hospital recreated to give you the sights and sounds of what it was like 70 years ago. I look forward to visiting it again, and having family in Kent, means it won’t be too long before we can go again!
If anyone has any suggestions for English Heritage properties worth visiting, I’d be so grateful!


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