Intuition in all parts of life, even for new mums!

Published January 14, 2011 by Crystal

The news today has left me raging. Angry, frustrated, infuriated.
Mothers are being warned that breastfeeding exclusively for six months may not be best for their babies and could put them at risk of allergies, food aversion and even obesity. This is a paragraph from the news story on The Daily Mail, but you will find the story in every paper today. In fairness, today The Daily Mail gives quite a good article, and actually lists advice and counter advice about breastfeeding over the last 60 years. But this isn’t about The Daily Mail today. This is about so called experts touting their opinions as fact and adding confusion to what is already a minefield to new mums. They’re not arguing breast is best, but they’re telling breastfeeding mums that they’ll potentially put their childs health at risk if they don’t introduce solids before 6 months! Grrr and Argh! Do feed your child solids, don’t feed solids, do breastfeed, don’t breastfeed, do leave your child to cry, don’t leave them on their own in their bedroom, the “advice goes on and on”. I have to say I am very pleased to be out of the baby stage with the endless bombardment, but I feel so strongly for those new mums. It’s a wonder the planet has remained inhabited for as long as it has. Without all this useful advice we would surely have died out by now. But wait! It turns out that women have been giving birth for a while now. And they’ve followed their instinct and intuition when it comes to finding out what their child will benefit from. They also used to have the wisdom of family members to advise. Once upon a time we didn’t need the Government interfering. Once upon a time we managed.
Now there’s no problem seeking advice if you’re unsure. Sharing knowledge and ideas is part of human nature. But there’s a big difference between seeking it out, and having it thrust upon you. And a problem for new mums is that this advice is shoved at them from every direction, doctors, midwives, ante natal classes and so on.
My suggestion to a new mum would be to imagine you have a big big sieve, shove all the opinions and “facts” into it and filter out the bits that you feel are right for you. And then go for it! Enjoy motherhood, enjoy your new baby, and do what YOU feel is right, and if something goes wrong, you’ve learnt from it. But celebrate and don’t worry. Motherhood is wonderful, having a baby is a joy.
Peace out.


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