Juicy Lucy.

Published January 18, 2011 by Crystal

I have a new obsession, it’s a Cookware Whole Fruit Juicer, and is super! I’m having a day of juice and feel fabby. Though I think it’s highlighted my absolute lack of ability to drink enough water on a day to day basis.
Now I’m not dieting, but today there is nothing else I fancy, so I guess I can say I’m Being My Own Guru, and going with it as it suits me. I’ve read several websites today, advocating this and that about juicing. The amount of conflicting advice, militant opinions. Why is nothing ever simple? Fresh juice is nice, tasty, and best of all, without all the preservatives and additives that make shop bought products last so long. Fresh carrot juice is wonderful, great with apple juice or pear juice. Who knew fruit could taste so great? And after the many years of diet clubs telling me how bad fruit juice is, with it lack of satiating abilities I’m coming to a new place of acceptance in my healing the diet demon past.


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