Hotting up during the icy blast

Published January 27, 2011 by Crystal

The weather has turned, and it’s brrrrrrrrr outside. Snow is forecast, so where better to be than in the warm?
And today I can resits putting on the central heating for another hour as I’m about to feel the burn with a bit of zumba. I went to my first class 3 weeks ago, and it as fantastic. I was instantly hit, but after another class, showing my lack of coordination, and my realisation that for the moment I’d rather be hidden in my own home behind the curtains I opted for the idea of buying the dvds and dancing away in my own home.
So that’s what I’m doing now to get my endorphine hit, and to feel all my muscles working. I love the feeling I get from it. The time races past, and 40 minutes have pretty much flown by in the space of ten. I am trully trully appreciating the need and desire to exercise these days. But I hate the word exercise. I was never a fitness bunny at school. I was the last one walking around the field on the cross country “run”. While all the svelte girls were running around hitting funny shaped items over nets in the name of badminton, I and my other non gym bunny friends were gossipping in the weights room.
When I had the children I went through the dieting mill, but still never really grasped or enjoyed the idea of exercise. All exercise I chose was punishment and laborious. Yes I felt a benefit, and could see changes, but it never lasted long enough. I’d fall back into my couch spud type ways, and exercise and diet slipped away.
It was through intuitive eating and Beyond Chocolate predominantly that I started to appreciate the principle of “Move!”. Not exercise. But “Move!”. Whatever you do, enjoy it. From September to the beginning of this year my desired form of movement was walking up the nearby hill. Raising the heart rate, feeling I’d achieved something. But then it started to get tedious and zumba came along just in time.

It’s easy to listen to the athletes telling us how good they feel after furious running. I say easy, no it isn’t, I zone out. I listen but I don’t hear. I have no desire to run, even with the best possible sports bra (which was my excuse for some time). I don’t want to swim, I hate chlorine and the drudge of drying off and changing afterwards. I despise the idea of circuits. Endless stomach crunches and bench presses? No thank you. But while I loathe all these things, you may thrive in this situation, and that is fantastic! What makes your body sing? How do you most love to move and feel your muscles ache in that satisfying way?

January did not start well, and I’ve had some days where I’ve wondered what the point is. But I know that in an hours time I will be nicely exhausted, and relaxing happily having shaked my booty around the place, and having used those maracas that were given me!


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