Tuning in and hearing you loud and clear

Published January 31, 2011 by Crystal

Friday wasn’t the greatest day. I was tired, decided to have duvet day, lament my empty nest lifestyle, and lick my Zumba wounds (My muscles ached and ached after 6 sessions from Monday to Thursday). I felt lonely and alone. I’ve only just really started to notice how different my life is now all my children are at school and my days are quiet. I realise why I pend so much time on Facebook, craving human adult interaction of some kind!
Anyway, that was the start of the weekend, a bit of wallowing, and alot of eating!
The weekend went fantastically. A beautiful, albeit cold, day at Goodrich Castle, followed by a video night with my gorgeous husband and wonderful kids. Chips, dips, wine, potato skins, chinese, wine, more chips, a roast dinner, champagne. This was the run of the weekend, and whereas in the past I would have guilted myslef into dieting Monday morning, nowadays I’m more forgiving of myself, and am learning to “tune in” to my body and all its signals, and was fairly confident in the belief that come Monday morning my body would tell me what it wanted and needed after a weekend of indulgence.
But noone could be more surprised than I when this morning the thing I really craved was a carrot and pear juice! On went the juicer, and I was satisfied with a delightful glass of fresh juice!
Next came lunch, or rather, the lack of. There were no hunger pans, and I knew I definately didn’t want a sandwich, or any heavy carb based meal. But you need to eat, everyone tells you so, and there must be something to satisfy. So I set about making a soup, cooking up carrot, celery, and spuds in a convenient chicken stock I’d made last week. Ooh get me, domestic goddess in the making?! I left it to cook and got into an hour of Zumba with my brand new dvds. Even after the workout I wasn’t particularly hungry, I kept up with the water, but my appetite was still lacking. But feeling I didn’t want my body to panic I’d cut my throat I had a spoon of soup. And surprisingly it was more than enough, but lacking. I threw in some pearl barley and left to do the school pick up.
And I come to now. Throughout today all I’ve craved and felt I needed is a bowl of soup, a glass of juice, and plenty of water. I didn’t need to put myself in a vigourous diet. My body, if I let it, can dictate what I need and will benefit from, and goodness does it feel good. There’s no deprivation, there’s just trust.

What a feeling!


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