Published April 20, 2011 by Crystal

I’ve taken to writing my dreams down. I am looking to see if there is a theme, or a pattern, something my subconscious is telling me. It’s not a hardship. I love sleeping, I love dreaming! Though writing down my dreams the minute I wake up is a groggy affair.
But already over 2 days it makes for interesting reading! For example last night, John Bishop was stacking shelves in some big warehouse, wearing some khakis, then all of a sudden he was being shot at, turned into 2 people now looking tubby and wearing grey sweat suits, and then both vanished after being shot. But I knew he wasn’t actually dead as he’d left me a camera! * !
So on the surface there is no logic. No sense at all. But I am hoping, that by reading through a weeks worth of dreams, I’ll be able to start working out my own dream language.
My gut instinct is that John Bishop represents me, but the comedic side I try to put out to the world to cover my insecurities, though why he turns into two chubby people in sweat suits who are then shot is still somewhat of a mystery. I literally wouldn’t be seen dead in an all grey sweat suit! But maybe this is representing the frumpy sides of me that I am rejecting, and allowing to die, but I actually know it’s not me dead, just aspects of me?

For me, looking into my dreams is a natural extension of developing my intuition, of tuning into what I have dumbed down over the years. It’s a shame that our current culture celebrates science and facts, over intuition and instinct, as if the two are mutually exclusive, as if one cannot exist in light of the other.
But over thousands of years people have used dreams to discover things about themselves, and their situations. They can tell us so much, we just need to learn our own language.
I am hoping, that by reading my dreams, I will gain insight into myself that I have been missing. And it’s fun, so long as I actually get to sleep in the first place!


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