Ferry interesting.

Published May 30, 2011 by Crystal

We are sitting in a queue for a car ferry across the harbour. It’s been a wet, but eventful day. The bus ran out of oil on the way to the castle. We made it to the car park, just! Looked around the castle, met some pirates, and then caught a wee boat to the town to hunt for oil. This involved a walk up a big hill to the only garage we could think of.  But with all the stress of the day I wouldn’t change a thing. It makes me appreciate who I have in my life, and those who matter.  My husband doesn’t endlessly criticise my music tastes, or dress sense, he doesn’t constantly point my failings.  And he trusts me.  He accepts me for person I am.  He truly loves and respects me. 
Part of me wonders whether my expectation of friendship is too high, but then I look at my chap and I think no.  I don’t expect to have friends as close our as comfortable as the friendship I have with my husband, but I do know that I have friends who genuinely do accept me warts and all, and who I feel the same about.  I do have friends who at the end of the night I can say I had an amazing time with, friends who I can call at any time and who will really not mind, and who i’d do the same for.  Make sure you value your friends, but also realise that you too need to be valued.  If you aren’t, if the friendship leaves you drained and feeling you’re giving more than you are getting then reflect on it. Maybe your friend feels the same way, maybe they don’t, but something needs to change.  Friendships are two way. 


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