No No They Can’t Take That Away From Me

Published June 3, 2011 by Crystal






A 13 moon initiation course started this month;

I have started this before, but life took over, as oft it does, and I didn’t complete.  I feel I’m in a new place now.  A very different place.  I am moving to a place of understanding myself as I never have before, and I feel alot more open than I have been.  There is more vulnerability, but there is also more acceptance.  The acceptance that the person I am is hidden behind many layers, and gradually I am removing those layers and opening myself up to freedom.  It is not without risk, pain and loneliness.  I think any transformation has to hurt.  We are creatures of habit, we hold on to that which is familiar, but that which is familiar is not always good for us.

I noticed a funny thing happen this week.  I began to like my double chin, or atleast, accept it.  For as long as I care to remember I have looked in the mirror and despised my chin, the lack of sculpting.  But this week, I looked and appreciated the shape and softness and curves.  Maybe I’m actually coming to a point where embracing myself as I am now will enable me to live in more freedom.  Maybe it really is true that when we finally love what and who we are we are in a place where change is a happy, positive event?  One thing I do know, is that fighting myself hasn’t brought me happiness.  Self degradation hasn’t led to a positive improvement in my life.


I’m looking forward to my Goddess Initiation, with a group of ladies who are equally keen to find their passion, sensuality and power.  I’m looking forward to becoming the Phenomenal Woman.  No longer will I shy away from myself and from life.

Join me, ladies!  Embrace the woman!  Celebrate the feminine!



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