Erasing the preconceived

Published July 15, 2011 by Crystal

The summer holidays is close. And this year it will be a challenge. I cannot put weight on my ankle for two more weeks, and then only partial weight for another 2 weeks before my next doctors appointment. The good thing is I no longer have any dressing, and can enjoy a totally naked leg, and baths, and all manner of wee luxuries we take for granted like putting trousers on easily!

With a very new summer experience, and a new me emmerging like a magical creature in a chrysalis, I have decided to consciously leave the past in the past and look at things with a new perspective where I can in my life in this town. No longer will the gossip, and groupings, and West Side Story style tribal fighting affect how I interact with people. This is a new slate for me. An opportunity to view situations and people with a fresh perspective.
I will no doubt mull over previous events, but I will consciously stop myself when I realise what I am up to.
People are going to see a new side to me, and hopefully, I will see a new side to others. The dynamics are changing for the better.
This may sound some idealogical bunkam, but I am determined not to let my past dictate my future for the worse. I have so so many blessings in my life, time to share the love!


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