A life worth living

Published July 24, 2011 by Crystal

Yesterday, 23rd July 2011, saw life lost in a horrendous and cruel attack by an extremist.  He set off a bomb in Oslo, and then went to an island where a kids camp was taking place, and went on a killing rampage for one and a half hours.  The death toll as I type is nearing 100.

Yesterday a train in China was strike by lightning, and it stopped working properly.  It was then hit by another train, and 30 were killed, and 100 were injured.

Yesterday a man in a roller rink opened fire and killed six and injured a further eight people attending a birthday party.

Yesterday a 27 year old woman, who had struggled with drugs and alcohol, was found dead in her North London home.

Now to me, this is all tragic.  All life lost is a loss, someone’s family, someone’s friends, someone with prospects and hope.  To me, the trully horrendous acts by gunmen with who knows what motives, killing innocent youths, is an act I hope never to encounter personally, and my heart goes out to each and every person who has lost loved ones in these atrocious acts.  The lightning, this powerful phenomenon, took lives unexpectedly as people took what they expected to be usual, uneventful journeys.  These people were cut down in their prime, more innocents, who never saw it coming.

Amy Winehouse was addicted to drugs and alcohol.  She put her body through who knows what strain, taking substances to numb pain, escape uncomfortable feelings.  Many will argue, her demise was her own doing.  She was responsible for her death, and what tragedy is it compared to the loss of the innocent youths in Norway?

But what drives an addict?  What leads a person to destroy her own life in this way?  You see, I can’t even pretend to have the answers, but for me it is very clear, that if her life were great, she’d never have been on drugs and alcohol.


For me, it is all very tragic.  It’s not a contest.  It’s lives, valuable, wonderful lives, that have been lost.


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