They grow too fast

Published August 1, 2011 by Crystal

I get pretty disgusted at the fashion aimed at children these days.  Particularly girls.  I remember a furore over padded bras being designed for 9 year olds, and Tesco and Asda sold pole dancing kits for children.  What has happened to the innocence of youth?  What has happened to keeping children children for as long as we can?

I saw some high heels yesterday, High School Musical, glittery monstrosities, and not cheap £20, but they were tiny, would have been the size for a 3 year old.

I appreciate dress up takes place, I appreciate that part of growing is role play and pretending to be grown ups.  But pretending to be grown ups during a play session, and wearing provocative clothing as part of the daily routine are, surely, worlds apart.

When rapists and mysogynists argue that young women who dress provocatively are “asking to be raped”, what are we exposing our young girls to?  What are we teaching our young girls in terms of values and self respect?

I am relieved I have boys.  The fashion code for boys doesn’t change too much, shorts or trousers, shirt or t-shirt.  It’s easy.  And their role play seems far more “play like”.  Lego, Star Wars, gender appropriate, but more importantly age appropriate.

Why is the pressure being aimed at young girls to grow so fast?  Why has this always been the way?

I don’t have the answers.


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