What the hell is happening?

Published August 9, 2011 by Crystal

I’m scared.  The news today, of riots around the country, the destruction caused, the sheer mindlessness, is scaring me.

What kind of world are we creating?  Is this the side effect of the “Me Generation”?  You want it, you go out and get it, at any cost?  Regardless of the pain, and hurt, and destruction you cause?

Can we blame the Government?  Much as I love to blame the self righteous politicians for most things, I don’t believe we can hold them responsible for this.  This is evil in all its form. This isn’t about race, or religion, or whether people are british born or immigrants, or whether rich or poor.  This is sheer mindlessness, mob mentality.

It’s people power on a very dark day.

But the flip side is the power of the masses who refuse to be kept down by the mobs.  The flip side is the groups and residents who are pulling together to clean up the aftermath.

But I am scared.  Scared for the society I am bringing my children into.  Scared for their future.

Think I might look for a nice farmer in a very remote location who will let us park our camper in his field until the riots have stopped, and Britain can once again be called Great.


2 comments on “What the hell is happening?

  • I can’t grasp the mentality of these “people”. It scares me too and I worry for Julia. She’s 15 but there’s no way she would go out and kick in a shop window or hang out with lads that would, pointing out what she wants them to go in a get for her. She just shook her head and went back up to her bedroom.

    So pleased that this clean up has been organised. I hope it starts off a sense of community because that seems to be something that has gone over the past few years. No-one seems to care about anyone else in their neighbourhood. Freakily, on Sunday my neighbour suggested getting all the women we wave and say hello to to come out for a drink and a chat this week. We’re going out on Wednesday to try and build some friendships and that way we can all look out for each other, as our mums did when they were our age. I wish I wasn’t a working mum and could afford to stay home, because I think this could be something to do with why people are no longer friends with the people in their street. We’re all so busy we just don’t stop to have a chat, to get to know people.

    Who knows what will happen tonight and that’s what scares me. I hope the rioting keeps away from here, but I’m worried that it won’t and places like Bletchley and Wolverton will kick off. Let’s hope the other members of the society (the Italians and the Indians) who mostly live there will stand up to these thugs as the Greeks did in London last night.

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