I’m free! I’m free!

Published August 11, 2011 by Crystal

I am sitting here, crutch free, boot free, having walked around doing a bit of housework, wearing 2, count them, 2 identical shoes!

The relief and joy at being finally able to walk around, with permission not to use my medical equipment is wonderful.

I am grateful that my disability has been temporary.  No doubt there will be twinges at the end of a long day, and in cold damp mornings, but now, apart from being bionic in my right ankle and having an attractive scar that is only ever going to be hidden on winter and jean days I am back to my “normal” self.

But being temporarily disabled has been very, very eye opening.  In our society we like to be independent and able to look fter ourselves.  Self sufficiency is something our society seems to be based on. Age old porverbs such as “God helps those who help themselves” that we learn from childhood can mean that when a situation does arise where we have to rest and recouperate, it can take a whole lot of trust and humility to let other people help us.  We don’t like to be dependent on others.  But when we have no choice it is a very humbling experience.  I will say again, I am so, so grateful for those who have been there for me during this time.  And I hope I can repay the favour when a situation arises.

So thank you to those of you who’ve been with me over the last 2 months.  I have learnt lots, and will always be extra appreciative to those of you who deal with physical pain and disability each day, having glimpsed in what you have to put up with.  There is a strength in humility that is overlooked, and I understand this now.  There is also every right to feel lonely, desperate, and miserable when sometimes you just want to be able to go out and do your own thing.  Never let anyone make you believe otherwise.  Maybe people cannot truely understand how being unable to go out can be so distressing until they actually physically cannot.  It’s easy for an able bodied person to look at a less able bodied person and not grasp the actual limitations it can create.  But I do appreciate it now, and wouldn’t wish it on anyone.  So love to those of you who deal with this daily, and boo sucks to those who can’t be bothered to “get it” when you’re not able to see the sunny side of life because it’s all just a little bit too much sometimes.





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