Nothing broken!

Published August 25, 2011 by Crystal

I went into a mild panic yesterday.  I fell out of the front door, and heard a crunch from my left ankle as I went onto the floor. I hobbled in, my friends found frozen peas, and I sat there a while wincing.  Fortunately I can walk on it, there is only a little swelling, and it is actually the inside of my ankle that feels most painful so I suspect I’ve just given it all a nasty twist.  But blimey.  The panic that swept through my head.  I imagined another cast, weeks of crutches.

But someone is obviously telling me to slow down and be mindful at the moment.  I want to look into this mindfulness art.  There is an online course I am considering.  4 weeks of steps to lead you into a mindful life, reduce stress and depression.  Sounds too good to be true?  And yet mindfulness seems to be the key.  Living in the moment. Not rushing to get to the future, nor constantly dwelling on the past.  I’m kind of looking forward to the boys getting back to school now.  I’m looking forward to seem peace and solitude (now I can cope with my own company more), to meditate and slow down effectively.


2 comments on “Nothing broken!

  • Yikes! Sounds like you’re similar to me when it comes to injuring feet/ankles. You’re probably right about it being a sign to slow down. Take things slower, look after yourself and please be careful x

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