One week to go.

Published August 30, 2011 by Crystal

The summer holidays are winding to an end.  I can count the days left on less than 2 hands, and it comes with a bittersweet mix of emotion.

I love having my kids at home.  I love not having to rush out in the morning, having spent an hour hunting school uniform, socks, shoes etc.  I love just watching Disney trash on TV.  I love the little weekends away, or the days out or in with friends.  But the kids have grown bored with the company of each other, and they are craving the stimulus that school provides.

I will most definitely miss them when they go back, but I’m looking forward to a little bit of peace!  I’m looking forward to being able to bimble around the house, tidying as I go, and knowing the results will last more than 3 minutes.

September is days away.  The seems to have moved so fast.  The start of the new term indicates how close we are to Christmas.  The shops have apparently started to put out the odd display.  For us, we can delay the onset of Christmas with birthdays and Samhain to look forward to.  I can enjoy waiting for my pumpkins to grow in the garden.  I can get up some autumnal decorations to brighten up the house.

But first there is a week left of holidays.  Time to pack in as much as possible! xx


One comment on “One week to go.

  • It’s scary how quickly these school summer holidays have gone. Hopefully you’ll enjoy the peace and quiet and the fact that you can take your time with things.

    Our Costco has put out Christmas decorations! Mad! I will admit that I did buy some presents on Friday as I saw them and thought of the people who would love them. Even better that they were in the sales!

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