Midweek hump!

Published September 7, 2011 by Crystal

Is it me or does this feel like the longest week so far this year?  Guess getting used to the morning routine again is going to take a while.  I woke up this morning not sure what day it was, praying it was Saturday, disappointed to find it was Wednesday!  But Wednesday is a good day, as it is the middle of the working week, and very soon it will be Saturday!

Tomorrow is a special day too.  Tomorrow DH and I will have been together for 10 years.  And what an amazing, exciting, scary, traumatic, dramatic, but truly wonderful 10 years they have been.  I can’t imagine my life without him.  He really is my soul mate.  There is no pretence, there is no need to be anything other than who I am with him, and when I change my mind, my ideas, my image, he rolls with it.  He accepts me as I am.

So even though today is the midweek hump, by the end of the day we will be closer to the weekend, and that has to be a good thing!  2 more school runs before I can stay under the duvet a little bit longer.  I’m making myself sound like a late riser, I’m not really, I was up before all the kids this morning, and yesterday, and had to wake them on Monday!  But I like to have a leisurely pace!  I have enjoyed not needing to rush over the holidays!  And the wet miserable weather doesn’t help with the need to get up and at ’em!  Oh wait, there’s a bit of sun shining through as I type, where the hell have you been?!

Enjoy your Wednesday as much as you can!  Try not to clock watch, it takes ever so long!


Oh, and today’s delicious vegan meal is warming aduki bean and barley stew with spring greens, courgettes, and lots of lovely warming spices.  It smells divine. I’ll let you try some if you should pop round. 😉


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