Published September 10, 2011 by Crystal

Goodness I’ve missed dancing!  3 hours flew by so quickly last night.  Good friends, good pub, good mix of music.  I felt free!  It made me realise how much I’ve missed getting some good tunes on and just moving to it all!  The freedom of not caring what I look like because I’m with nutty friends who care as little as I do!  Dancing with no motive except to have fun and enjoy.

But I was jealous!  Because there were salsa dancers, and they looked good!  Great, in fact!  Salsa is something I’ve wanted to do for years, but never had the guts and couldn’t find a class nearby.  Now there are regular classes nearby, so I’m off. And after a night of tripping the clumsy fantastic, I know my ankle’s ready for it!

I’m not a gym bunny (you just have to look at me to work that one out!).  But I love dancing, and I’d love to move as well as those salsa dancers!  Watch this space! 😉


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