Overwhelmed and Under the weather

Published September 16, 2011 by Crystal

Maybe it’s the change in weather, the certain autumnal nip in the air, and the reds and browns taking over the green in nature.  But I’m tired.  I wake up tired, I go to bed tired.  There’s the odd hour in the day where I feel energetic, but it doesn’t last.

I’ve been toying with a hundred odd ideas for jobs.  I look at the house and the only room organised is our bedroom (which I wholly celebrate.  It remains tidy and relaxing).  I tidy the kitchen but within the hour there are plates everywhere.  The lounge is floor to ceiling piled with washing (why do boys make so much washing?).  And I look at it all and I just can’t do it.   I just don’t know how I can make this house presentable.  Ever.

But I also understand a little more how tired DH has been running around after me.  Shopping, cooking, cleaning (where and when possible), fixing lunches, making coffees and teas, it’s remarkable how exhausting it can all be when it goes on and on with early mornings and latish nights.

I need one of those organising queens to come sort me out.  Get me on the straight and narrow.  Tell me how to run my life and an orderly fashion!

Today I have cracked.  I feel drained and a bit tearful and I just don’t know.  I’m trying to put it into words and work out what’s going on, but to be honest I really don’t know.  Maybe I’m just putting pressure on myself.  And when I do that it’s like I go into reverse.  Thank the heavens it’s Friday.  Thank goodness we can R&R over the weekend.  Stay in bed tomorrow morning, not rush everywhere, convince the boys to put some clothes away.

Hopefully with a little time things will feel more manageable.  And I love Autumn.  I don’t want to spend Autumn in a miserable dull mood.  And I want to get active.  Get walking more, get the opportunity to buy some of the gorgeous cardigans in all their beautiful autumn colours.


Someone suggested the three good things a day idea.  I think I will try it;

Thing one.  I’ve found some gorgeous little nut and squash roasts in the freezer section of Morrison’s.  They’re lovely! Had one for lunch today.

Thing two.  It’s Friday

Thing three.  A lovely lady complimented me in my jeans this morning and told me how lovely they looked!


Ah yes, maybe it does work a little!

But I’m still tired 😉



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