So tired

Published September 20, 2011 by Crystal

Not sure whether it’s the change in season, or the lack of coffee.  Or depression trying to rear it’s ugly head.  I just can’t get into the zone of feeling good again.  I felt so relieved to be able to step out of that shadow.  That great big cloud that sits over and around you when you can’t see the joy in life is overwhelming.  Or the black dogs that growl and snap at you as you try to move forward.

At the moment i think they’re tied up at least.  Moving is an effort, but I can do it.

The question is, how do you get around it?  How do you keep going when the duvet looks so much more inviting?  How do you stop dwelling on the anger and hurt bubbling under the surface?

Today I have a friend coming over, it’s a mild incentive to sort a bit of the house out.


But the monotony is returning, and the frustration of living in an area where horrid criminals are stealing and ruining the property of people who aren’t well off as it is.

Sorry.  I accept this is a general whinge today.  Tomorrow will be better!


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