Drop a dress size! Lose weight fast!

Published September 27, 2011 by Crystal

Oh no. Now you’re going to be really disappointed. Because I have now secret answer to rapid weight loss.

The truth is, if I want to get back to the slimmest I ever was I need to lose about 5 stone.  I say about, because I actually don’t weigh myself very often.  I don’t have my own scales, so do it when I visit a friend, if ever.

I was just sitting calculating, if I lose a pound a week, it will take me about 18 months, maybe a bit less.

I’ve I lose 2 pounds a week, then that’s 35 weeks or so, so approximately 10 months.

And for a few seconds that thought scared me.  But just for a few seconds.  Because I’ve now been overweight (again) for about 4 years.  I lost some weight, and then put it back on when I was hauled up with my broken ankle.   Every time I’ve thought about dieting, I’ve managed to add on a pound or two!  Every time I’ve stupidly deprived myself of food, the reaction has been a superb anti diet binge.  But now I’m eating lovely food, feeling generally good, and the weight is going, slowly, yes, but it’s going.  Will I be in a little black dress for Christmas?  I highly doubt it.  Will I be in a bikini next summer?  Probably not.  But will I have piled on some pounds from the worlds biggest binge fest after living on slimmer milkshakes and cereal bar to get into a little black dress?  Absolutely not!

I’ll admit.  I’m not very good at the tuning in while eating.  I can still inhale a pitta and hummus if I don’t turn the tv off and stop playing on the computer.  I’m not great at living in the moment.  But I’m better.  I am getting better at living in the moment.  And maybe that’s why the allure of the little black dress and the drop dead gorgeous bikini don’t pull me in.  Because I am enjoying the life I have at this moment.  Not perfectly, not completely.  Depression still bubbles under the surface.  But I won’t let it lead me to believe that I am not acceptable in the here and now.  My weight and appearance doesn’t put off the good friends and family.  It doesn’t stop me going to a zumba class and shaking my booty.  It is part of me but it’s not the complete me.

So sorry.  I have no quick fix answer to losing weight or dropping the dress size.  Actually, I do for the drop a dress size.  It’s called “scissors”.  Find the sizing label in your dress, grab the scissors, and snip!  Easy, and takes only seconds! 😉


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