Ra, ra, bloody RAAAAAA!

Published October 4, 2011 by Crystal

Do you ever feel like your shouting but no sound is coming out?  That you’re trying to explain yourself, but people are choosing not to listen, or are simply disregarding everything that you say and think and feel?

It’s so disempowering.  I feel like throwing in the towel and saying what is the point?  Why change the status quo when it worked for everyone else for so long?

And then I slap myself, and remind myself that I have valid opinions and feelings.  Valid as anyone else.  People don’t have to agree, but just to be heard means a great deal.

Don’t forget your value, your worth.  When you feel you are shouting into a gale, keep on.  Remember your courage, your strength, your beauty.  One day the gale may change direction, though it may not.  But maybe some day someone will come and stand next to you, and shout with you.  They might give you a hug, and say “I might not be the people you want to hear you, ut I hear you anyway, and I am with you, and I understand.”

We’re never really alone.  There will always be someone near us who will be a friend.  Sometimes we’re too busy shouting into the wind to see them.


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