A great end to the day

Published November 22, 2011 by Crystal

So I’m back from a good workout. I feel tired, but not in the “Bleurgh I can’t move from the sofa now” type way, more in the “Wow, when I go to bed I’m going to sleep well!”. My body feels relaxed, and calm. It’s tired enough to not have any worries fighting in my little brain, and I feel that I did something beneficial for myself and my body. It was good for body, mind and soul.
“So what the hell are you doing writing here then?” I hear you mutter.

Well I just wanted to say it was worth it. Going out on a cold dark night, and dancing around crazily in a village hall did everything good. AND I didn’t sit in the house thinking hmmm I’m peckish, what can I eat? Because I’m not doing that at the moment. And after the workout, I really don’t want to.

That is all.


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