Welcome to my democracy

Published November 30, 2011 by Crystal

There comes a point where you realise that the only way you’re going to have the life you want is through listening to your inner guru and finding the answers for yourself.  We can read all the help books in the world, ask the same question on a million forums and to a thousand people and each answer will be slightly different.

Weight loss is no different.  What works for Amy isn’t going to work for Sue, and you only have to visit an online bookstore to see the many hundreds of diet books available to get a grasp of the fact that the diet industry is huge and depressing.

After turning my back on diets I turned to intuitive eating.  And inhaled the words off the pages of many an Intuitive Eating Advice Book.  Some would come more in a point format “do this, and do this.”  Others would talk of why diets don’t ultimately work (which i still wholeheartedly agree with in a great many ways).  And then there were the ones that explained how weight issues are largely a feminine problem, though unfortunately it is now affecting young men too.

Oh yes, I’ve read my fair share of books.  My shelves heave under the weight of self help book after self help book, not just for weight issues, but for other issues too.  And I’ve come to realise I’m only marginally better off than before I read the books.  Because in reading and pondering and discussing, I’ve largely put off the “doing”.  It is time to start, in the words of old blue eyes, doing it “My Way”.  Deep down inside, somewhere, there is a logical, sensible guru, who has all the answers I need.  She knows already that eating when I’m not hungry doesn’t help take away miserable feelings for long.  She knows that procrastination is the root of many evils, and a walk into town is beneficial, even in the wind and rain.  And she knows that there is a saturation point of self help advice and I’ve reached it.  I need to stop asking and start doing.

So here I am day one of not asking and more doing.  Time to find out my own advice and listen to it!


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