PMS and diet

Published April 19, 2012 by Crystal

Yet again I’ve surprised myself. What normally sends me spiralling in despair for 2 weeks before, has arrived with little notice.
Yet again, food has shown itself to be the key in controlling and suppressing the symptoms around my period.
I try to ignore the dates I’m due. Mostly because if I’m late I start to stress out, and I can be anything up to 3 weeks late quite often. So today Aunt Flo, the painters, whatever you want to call it, arrived, and I was somewhat surprised. I’ve been exceptionally tired the last couple of days, and maybe slightly more reactive than usual, but the 14 days of angst, tears, and misery just did not happen this month. And it has proven to me that food really is key.

What have I done differently this month? Well for a start I went Tee Total a couple of weeks ago, three weeks tomorrow, to be precise. It’s common knowledge that alcohol can be a depressant, and it also puts strain on our vital organs, dehydrates, and strips our bodies of essential vitamins and minerals. A bad hangover will see me craving carbs on a humungous scale, toast, chips, pizza, chips, more chips, for at least a day!
I’ve reduced the amount of wheat based products I consume considerably. Breads and pasta tend to bloat me, leave me sluggish, and always craving something soon after I’ve eaten.

I have upped the amount of fruit and veg and nuts and seeds consumed, a lot in raw form, either as salad, or smoothie of some sort.

So I have to assume, that the change in diet has had an effect on my body and has reduced the symptoms of PMS, but what specifically might be helping?

I guess the fact that I’m not drinking alcohol at the moment means I’m less likely to be feeling low in the first place when the hormones start to build up. I’m not depleting my body of things like vitamin c, which is necessary for iron to be able to be absorbed by my body.
And I’ve been having a decent amount of nuts, a good source of magnesium, which is suggested to be beneficial in alleviating symptoms of pms.
I can’t prove all this. I will only really know if this is the case if I keep up the same way of eating, and have the same result next time around. But I’m willing to bet that my diet is playing a huge part in this, and the last time I had reduced PMS was when I was eating with awareness, and upping my fruit and veg!

So, if you suffer from PMS, and nothing is working, maybe looking at your diet really is worth a try? It didn’t make me a cheerful angel, but I never reached for the carving knife either!


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