Break it down

Published April 21, 2012 by Crystal

One thing I’ve discovered over the last few years is that I’m quite easily overwhelmed. If I see a task as too big, or if I fail at a hurdle and don’t complete something, I feel like a monumental failure. But on the plus side, I’ve learnt some ways to change my mind set.
A biggy is to break things down into achievable chunks. Don’t like at the big picture, not if it overwhelms you. Look at the smaller, achievable steps.
I’ll give you an example. My house is a mess. Stuff everywhere, bags, books, papers all over the place. I want to clean it and have a declutter.
I need to break it down. Firstly I’ll take one room, the dining room. Then I’ll take one part of that room, the back wall with a cupboard and a big bureau. I’ve chosen the great big bureau. I’ll work on cleaning and decluttering the bureau.
I set 45 minutes on the timer, and work on that bureau for 45 minutes.
Then I have a coffee break for 15 minutes.
I may have achieved lots in that 45 minutes, I may not, but rather than looking at the whole picture, the house, I am finding a way to start on something that is a masive task!
Of course, the thing with houses which contain adults and kids, is that no sooner is the house lovely, than somewhere, clutter creeps back in! At least for me!
But one thing I have changed is that feeling of failure. There’s no point being disappointed in yourself when you don’t get as far as you planned. There’s no point berating yourself for “failing” all those goals. It doesn’t serve a positive purpose. You’ll continue on your path to your goal begrudgingly, or you’ll give up altogether. Instead, congratulate yourself on the small successes. Celebrate the tiny footsteps you’ve made along your journey!
Make new goals. Achievable goals! What went wrong the last time? What can you learn? Did you aim too high? Did you make your goals unrealisticly amibtious? I made myself a small goal this week. To walk the dog each morning after the school run. I hadn’t factored in a sick child, and a (separate to sick child) horrendously bad night. I had given myself no flexibility in my goal. If I didn’t succeed every day, I was set to fail.
If only I’d reworded my goal. If only I’d allowed myself some grace. Think about how you word your goals. And if you fail one goal, give yourself the chance to learn what you can do differently!
Small changes can make a big difference!


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