Too much of a good thing? Still learning about moderation!

Published April 25, 2012 by Crystal

Another lesson in moderation.
The raw food plan, while great and enlightening, has left me somewhat “bunged up”.
I guess the lesson here is that we are all individuals. We are all very different human beings, and what suits one person, doesn’t necessarily suit the next person.
I’m a girl who likes to be regular as clockwork. When I turned vegetarian, my bodily functions became far more frequent. My body obviously appreciated the copious amounts of tofu and hummus alongside the extensive amount of vegetables, and I felt lighter inside.
Now I’ve been loving the raw food. The experience has opened my eyes up to trying things I would never have tried before! I’ve loved learning about the “3 step salad” and “raw alfredo”. I’ve enjoyed juicing and smoothie-ing.
But overall I’m not feeling the love for raw food that I hoped to. Not to make it a 100% commitment. I miss the different textures of having a combination of raw and cooked, not to mention the changes in flavour as we cook vegetables.
BUT I think I will have the odd raw food day, or week. And come the summer I will be looking forward to super exciting salads, but for me, there has to be a balance between raw and cooked.
So now I’m moving forward with the desire to find a balance in my diet. Definitely more raw, in a bigger variety, less bread and pasta, always my evil foods, and a need to use far more ingredients in cooking. If I hadn’t tried raw I would probably have never tried the nutritional yeast or liquid aminos, I just ignored the vegan recipes that contained these!
So, onwards and downwards. Decided I’ll leave the scales this week. I know there’s no change, I know I feel bunged up, and it just isn’t going to be of any benefit taking notice of a number this week!!


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