Personal Growth ~Just when you think you’ve developed enough~

Published May 18, 2012 by Crystal

The Universe seems to be lovingly throwing “stuff” at me.   I’ve just spent 12 hours in bed in a dozing and deep sleep wave.  I obviously needed the sleep.  I never sleep in the day, so to head off at 6 and actually fall asleep indicates that it was necessary.  One thing I am happy with is that I actually tuned in and listened to my body.  The aching limbs, the constant yawning, no amount of food and chocolate was going to fix me!

But I have an enquiring mind and I want to know why I was so tired it took 12 hours of sleep to remedy it.  Was it a virus?  Was I wiped out because of bad food choices?  Was I under a psychic attack from someone?  It irks me that I can’t put my finger on why I’ve felt so drained.  If it is a virus I’m never going to find out.  It’s not worth a trip to the doctor, there’s no life threatening symptoms!   It could be bad food choices.  I’ve been on an emotional eating roller coaster, and carbs on carbs inevitably means an energy slump.  But 12 hours of energy slump?  I’m not sure.

So that leaves, in my super simplistic thinking, psychic attack.  I believe strongly in this as a possibility.  I believe people can send very real and negative intentions out to us, and affect us emotionally and physically.  And while I can’t stop others thinking bad thoughts about me (I’m inevitably going to piss people off at some point of my life), I can focus on setting up protection around me to stop those negative intentions getting to me, and to protect others from negative thoughts I might unconsciously send out.   Maybe I haven’t done enough of it this week?

Or maybe it’s the return of Reiki into my life?  Maybe it’s the return to a path I’ve left for over a year.  A shift of consciousness, a time of emotional renewal.  Whatever it is, it is involving change.  Substantial, physical, emotionally and psychic change.   I love Reiki, but they don’t lie when they say how life changing it is!

So I’m guessing I on a new journey of growth.  Will let you know what I learn!



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