“It’s not about food”

Published January 7, 2013 by Crystal

We just don’t believe the the answers will be found in a diet, an exercise program, a bottle of pills, or a bypass operation.

What if we looked at this issue from the inside out?  What if we took a holistic approach to it?  What if instead of a diet and exercise strategy we went on a love campaign?  What if we realised a scale or a BMI index could never measure self-esteem?

What if we asked a child sitting in a corner by herself eating why she was doing that?  And then what if we talked to her parents and did some education about size acceptance and the dangers of depriving children of food?  What if we talked about the unrelenting shame of being bullied at school, especially about weight, and then put our energies as a nation into educating the educators on how to teach respect for all?

What if people who ate more than their bodies could efficiently use were asked, “Why are you eating so much?  What seems to be the problem?  Are you upset? Are you feeling hurt?  Bored?  Lonely?  Angry? Are you really hungry? What do you need and what could you do to have what you need?  What are you hungry for, really?”

An excerpt from It’s Not About Food by Carol Emery Normandi, MFT, and Laurelee Roark, CCHT

Any of this resonate with you?  It certainly did with me.  The bullying.  The overeating to cover pain, or sadness, or loneliness.  I’m just grateful that now there is a movement towards self acceptance, and in that movement are people who understand that we are more than simply failures at diet and fitness.  We have not failed.  We were hitting ourselves with the wrong approach, and not all of us responds well to tough love and harsh words.

The Biggest Loser is currently running it’s 1 millionth series (or something like that).  Trainers shout and bully their contestants into submission, telling them they’re lazy, they’re weak, they don’t care about themselves, they’ve let themselves go, no self control, no discipline.  Wouldn’t it be AMAZING if this approach above was tried instead?  Would it work?  Guess the bigger question is Would it make interesting enough tv for the drama hungry viewers?”?


love campaign


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