That “OhmygodI’mnevergoingtomanageit” moment!

Published January 9, 2013 by Crystal

So I completed 6 miles yesterday and was rather happy with that.  It wasn’t fast, but it wasn’t so very slow, and I felt the pain of having used muscles that get very little action!  I planned my 6 mile route for tomorrow, actually 6.6 miles, but who’s counting, really?  I’ll get the polish out for my halo……

But then, I hopped on to my overused social network site to discover the other boob in my moonwalk bra, the super dedicated, always sporty no matter how much she denies it, had managed 5 miles in an hour!  Let’s call her the pocket rocket!  The woman is a legend, super inspiring, but, alas, I’m now having visions of me running alongside, desperate to keep up as she leaves a trail of smoke as she burns the rubber of her power walking soles!

So I think maybe I do need to focus a little on speed, otherwise I’ll be meeting her at the finish line several hours later!

6.6 miles tomorrow, what’s a doable time?  90 minutes?  Today was my rest day, so I’m not pushing too much too quickly.

I’m going to give it a go.


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