What we lack in snow we make up for in enthusiasm!

Published January 19, 2013 by Crystal


It’s the typical south west UK situation. There’s not much snow, but what there is causes panic and mayhem, and the snarky comments arise over how everyone falls to pieces over a flake. To be honest the comments irritate me. “lazy teachers grabbing a day off at any opportunity” is far from the truth, but the allegations get hurled, and the arguments on either side abound. Personally I think fewer ill equipped cars on icy roads can only be a good thing, and i’d rather not be on the road. Anyway, I digress. The thing I really love is the way that everyone finds the time to get out with their families for a bit of sledging. It may be only an inch covering that hillside, but it’s enough to kill the friction and send the sledge down the slope. Up and down up and down. Walking up a hill is easy going if you know you’re going to ride down it at break neck speed! I didn’t get my six mile walk in today, and I definitely didn’t do two in half an hour. But I did get out with my family, and we did have fun in the slush and mud and smackering of snow and now we’re back in the warm for a cosy saturday film session!


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