Let there be fire and light!

Published January 31, 2013 by Crystal

In two days I shall be lighting candles around the house and saying a blessing in each room, eating some hot and spicy food, and hoping to get out and acquire some items to decorate my alter during a walk in the forest.  My corn doll I shall dress in white, and if the weather is good we shall light a fire outside.

Imbolc is close, and I am excited.

This winter has been long, and dark, and the promise of Spring is forefront in my mind.  After weeks and months of rain, and snow, and sleet, and desperately grey days, the thought of sun, and new life is more than enough to see me through to Saturday and celebrating!

Unfortunately all three of my bratfinks are poorly today.  I had hoped we could book a night away in the camper van on Saturday to celebrate in the country, but I don’t want to risk us booking and not being able to go, so we’ll wait until Saturday and see how everyone is. But even that is not enough to dampen my enthusiasm for celebrating Imbolc.  I’m not a strict wiccan, or regular of rituals.  I wouldn’t name myself as a particular type of pagan.  I ebb and flow, and sometimes I’m up, and sometimes I’m down.  Most of my worship really does involve going out in the forest, taking a deep breath and simply saying thank you.  But this year, more than any other of recent years, sees me keen to mark the beginning of Spring, to welcome back the sun, implore her to return,even!  The hopes of new beginnings in my own life, and in that of my family.  To turn our backs on the pasts, and the negativities we’ve encountered, and to stand strong and firm together, facing that wonderful Sun, and the anticipation of a year full of new adventures and experiences!

In a time of darkness, a festival of fire can only bring light to us all, and Imbolc, also known as Candlemas, reveres Brigid, the goddess of the hearth and home.  To me, she is the family protector, the keeper of the heart of the home, bringing warmth and light, nurturing and surrounding families.


Whatever your plans as we move in to February, I wish you the very best of health, and warmth, and love and light.  Maybe you could light a candle this weekend, welcome the Spring, say goodbye to the dark, and look forward to brighter days!

Bright Blessings. xxx


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