Tuning in necessity

Published February 1, 2013 by Crystal

tired or hungry



I couldn’t find a better picture of capturing how I see this day is going to go!  Sick kids in house, lots of bed swapping and running around for strepsils has left littlemisscackle feeling groggy and semi conscious.

And I just know it’s going to lead me on a carb rush if I don’t properly listen to what I need.  One of my fairly big issues, when it comes to intuitive eating, is that I find sleep pretty hard to find at any other time other than night, illness, and absolute complete exhaustion.  I’ve always always reached for more carbs when tired, hoping for that energy rush quick fix.  Of course I know it doesn’t really work.  I’m still tired, often even more so once the post sugar rush slump hits, and of course in the spiral I get more and more tired (because I need sleep) and eat more and more to combat that tiredness!

But today, well aware of my tiredness, I am going to try a different approach and attempt to grab snappits of sleep instead of food.  At least, that’s the desired outcome.  It’s what I’m aiming for.  With several sick children scattered around the house, it may not work out this way.

On a day like today, the usual me, the me that deals with sick kids and tiredness, would say “Today is not a day to be worrying about food.  Go about the day in the way that will help you survive it.  If you need to graze or eat more, then let it be, because you’ve had no sleep and you need to look after yourself!”  But on reflection I’m not looking after myself if all I do is eat to try to appease the tiredness!  It’s not self care if you’ve got a headache and instead of getting some painkillers you go and get a haircut!  Likewise, it’s not self care if I’m extremely exhausted and instead of giving my body rest I stuff it full of food to try and keep the engines running!

Today will be my experiment.  Starting with awareness and seeing where I end up.  I shall most definitely report back, because I’m pretty sure there’s a lot of us that do this, but it’s hard to break the cycle!


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