Blesséd Imbolc!

Published February 2, 2013 by Crystal

I know some celebrated yesterday, and some are celebrating today!  I was hoping bratfinks would feel better today, alas, it doesn’t look that way. They still have horrid temperatures, though bratfink one is sitting up and not groaning every 30 seconds, and bratfink two has a license to kill on the x box, so things have improved.

The plans I had for today will now need modification, no walking in the forest down to a sacred well, and no driving for me this morning as my head is spinning, so instead I will wait until this afternoon and set up my alter, bless each room with a candle and a prayer, and we’ll have a nice chilli con carne with tortilla chips and sour cream and guacamole, and look forward to spring and summer holidays in our lovely van!

And today the sun is shining, right on cue.  She knows we want her back!


I wish you and yours many many blessings today.  May the sun warm every part of you!  And may the daffodils smile at you!


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