24 hours on a vegan plan, it feels good!

Published February 4, 2013 by Crystal

Made the decision to go back to vegan on Saturday. I did it for a year, initially with the hope to lose weight (I didn’t) and then made the vile error of going to herbalife and it all went downhill as I added in dairy and then meat to my diet.  Yup, all my priorities went out of the window as my self esteem crashed into oblivion.  Happy cows and chickens weren’t on my radar, just the extra weight and misery I felt when I mistakenly placed all of my self worth on how big I was.
One thing I loved about eating mostly vegan was the lightness I felt physically. I rarely felt bloated, pooed regularly (you needed to know that, obviously), rarely got ill, and generally felt great. But because I didn’t lose weight, I gave up, weight having been a primary goal!
But now, with weight not being the primary goal, I have decided to actually just try again and get back to feeling physically better. And I guess this goes hand in hand with health not being about what size you are!   Pounds might not drop off, but veggies and all their goodness and tastiness will once again feature highly and this time I won’t be reading vegan sites that condemn vegan junk food (it sends me right off into diet or anti diet reaction territory) and I will enjoy my fakon and sausages when I want, maybe even in a sandwich made with white bread and cranberry sauce!
I’m feeling lighter already. Am enjoying my vegan chilli, of which I made a mountain, loaded with spices, and vegetables, and what will be will be!


I’m awaiting my order from The Redwood Co for a few vegan treats, their Christmas line have been reduced!

Hmmm sausage and fakon tastiness!  (I honestly prefer these to bacon and pork)

Hmmm sausage and fakon tastiness! (I honestly prefer these to bacon and pork)


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