This is Not Your Typical Weight Loss Story – Part 1, Leah

Published June 26, 2013 by Crystal

A great blog post from an inspiring woman

This is Not a Diet

I am going to be publishing a series of posts written by people I have met who have a variety of experiences with their weight and weight loss.  If you listen to the narrative of the diet industry, weight loss stories are simple: lose weight, live happily ever after. the end.  However, this is rarely the case.  I have several people lined up to write about their experiences with their weight from some viewpoints we don’t usually hear about.  My purpose in doing this is to give more people a platform to share their stories and to help others see that it’s normal to have experiences that are more complicated than what we would be lead to believe.

My first guest post is by someone I have been friends with online for several years now.  I first met Leah on when we were both using the site to count…

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