If it’s working for you, then why would you want to stop?

Published July 11, 2013 by Crystal

I appreciate I may have been very doom and gloom with my post about losing pounds.  A lot of you reading can relate and have experienced similar.  You can remember the guilt when you had that meal out, the one where you didn’t go for the calorie free, naked lettuce, and instead had the carbonara with garlic bread.  You recall the morning after the night before when a healthy fry up was not such an appealing option, and you had extra toast and hash browns.  You have removed so many food items from your diet, you feel like all you eat is salad and soup.   But then there are those of you who may feel I am attacking you because of your lifestyle choice.  I’m here, writing that diet clubs suck, but you are having a great time, and are proud of your successes.  Nothing that I wrote resonates, I must have gone to a really bad diet club!

The fact of life is, that if it is working for you, you don’t need my approval, or acceptance, or agreement.  If you are enjoying your way of life, and weighing each week, following a plan, and feel empowered and happy then I wholeheartedly congratulate you, and wish you every success.

Because the beauty of this world is that all of us are different!  We all view food and weight and our appearances differently.  If you know going to a diet club will be something that will support you in reaching your goal and you will maintain a weight loss, and maintain that lifestyle after, and are happy to accept the cost, then you don’t need me to tell you otherwise.

But for many many women, it’s a thing we’ve done more than once.  We went, we lost, we left, we gained, we went back.  We were then fed the idea that it wasn’t the diet that failed us.  It was us that failed the diet.  We weren’t disciplined enough, we “let ourselves go”!  Diets nowadays are touting themselves as lifestyle changes, because they know that “diet” has become a dirty word.  But “lifestyle change” is an equally loaded phrase.  If you don’t adapt to the “lifestyle change” and gain weight after you’ve lost it, it’s your fault because you didn’t make the necessary changes and maintain them!

In any other part of life, where something didn’t work for you, you’d go try a different way.  Say some antibiotics didn’t get rid of an infection, you’d get some different ones, not keep trying the same ones!  If a recipe you tried was a disaster, you’d try something different, something that would suit you.  So many times, we adapt and change so that things can work for us.  And making lifestyle changes should surely be similar.  But time and again, people, predominantly women, buy in to the lies fed to them by the big dieting companies, that the diet is fine, it is them that is lacking.  We don’t have the discipline.  We obviously don’t want it enough.  We didn’t try hard enough.

I refuse to believe this lie anymore.  I did want to lose weight, I did want to become more healthy. Every. Single. Time. I. Joined. The Diet Tribe.  But the diet lifestyles were never maintainable.  They left me craving “illegal” foods more and more.  And social situations were a diet nightmare.  I was constantly sacrificing enjoyment for the promise of weight loss.


You might not feel this way.  And that is fine.  I am not asking you to give up what you love, and what makes your body sing.  But please accept that there are many who need a different way.




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