One bite at a time.

Published August 6, 2013 by Crystal

OneBiteAtATime1I started listening to some self hypnosis type things the last few days.  I decided I just wanted some extra help with this weight loss and not dieting malarky.

I had some weight loss hypnosis a few years ago and at the time it worked brilliantly, so I know I’m receptive.

Thought I’d let you know some of  the little things I’ve noticed the last couple of days.  I think it is really supporting the BC principles in many ways and enforcing many of the ideas, and for ten minutes a day (or more if I want to commit to listen to more than one recording) it is a time of calm and relaxation, listening to a man with a very soothing voice.

I’ve been a lot less focused on food the last couple of days, or rather I think I’m hungry and then thinking some more I realise I’m not, and there’s nothing I want.  There’s been a few times when I’ve realised I want a cup of tea or glass of water.

I’ve been reminded to focus more on the food as I eat it.  Today I made toast with mushrooms and chickpeas for breakfast, less than half way through I’d had more than enough and left the rest.  *Note to self, the dog does not like chick peas, or mushrooms, and will leave a horrid mess!

After a good ramble up our local hill I came home and made myself some potato salad which I enjoyed, but an hour later I was hungry again, so made some instant noodles.  Now I love instant noodles, something deliciously comforting about them!  I finished all but about 3 mouthfuls and realised I really had had enough.  Normally, I would ignore the “stop when satisfied” signal thinking well it’s just three more mouthfuls!  But one of the lines in the slimpod is sticking in my head at the moment, “changes can happen one mouthful at a time”.  Overeating is still overeating whether it’s one bite or a plateful, but sometimes I justify the one bite because it’s so small and insignificant.  The clean plate club has been part of my life for so long, it’s definitely one of the harder habits to kick.  But remembering again and again that changes will take place one bit at a time is something that just seems to have hit me at this particular moment in time!

The particular set of recordings I’m using comes with lots of advice about goal setting and focussing on your little successes.  This has been great, because noticing and recording the little successes is so much more cheerful than listening to the horrid gremlin telling me that I’m a dismal mess!

Personally I feel that finding Beyond Chocolate brought me to a good place to then utilise these recordings.  I’ve already kicked off the diet mentality, no longer believing in good and bad foods, or that the number on the scales is the most important thing in my day.  But now having a positive voice to listen to each day, and being reminded to focus on my mini successes is encouraging!

I did try a certain famous NLP specialist book and cd a few years ago, but his voice was so smarmy!  I just couldn’t stand it!  Being able to enjoy the voice as it speaks to me is obviously an important thing, and this recording is not a bit smarmy!


Will let you know more things as I notice them x


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