We’re not dieting and we still NEED support!

Published August 21, 2013 by Crystal

So you’ve decided to step away from the diet world.  You want to learn to listen to and work with your body.

If you were about to embark on a diet you’d have tonnes of support.  Friends will rally round, cheering you on with every pound you lose, or commiserate with every ounce you gain.  People understand diets.  They understand how hard diets can be, how you need to feel supported and motivated.

And if you stop dieting?

Well.  This is new territory.  People just don’t “not diet” in this day and age!  It doesn’t fit in with the social norm.

You tell friends, and the chances are







To them, you have given up on yourself.  What do you need support for?  You’re not doing anything!  What can they talk to you about?  And when you try to share what your thoughts and feelings are, they may smile and nod, but that glazed far away look indicates they really don’t care.  You’ve given up, or what you are trying to explain isn’t measurable enough, or clear cut and concise.   You obviously lack the willpower and desire to be slim, and they just don’t know what to say to you.  It doesn’t matter that you’ve sat with them through their problems and diets over previous years, you understood what made sense then.  You made sense!  But now you’re talking gibberish and it’s all gobbledy gooch!

So your support network, that would kick in the second you mentioned Slimming World, or Lighter Life, or Weight Watchers, has vanished.  You suddenly feel very isolated and start worrying if maybe you’ve really got it all wrong?  Maybe there isn’t a like minded soul in the world to share your experiences.


My advice  and my experience; look for some online groups.  Because they are there.  The more you venture into the world of Not Dieting, the more support you will discover.  Some forums may charge a fee, some may seem to be speaking a foreign language and it doesn’t feel right for you, keep on looking for somewhere you will feel safe and SUPPORTED.  There are so many times I would have given up completely if I hadn’t had the support I now have.  Friends who can share our frustrations at feeling alone in the diet crazy world.  Friends who understand that our real life friends just don’t get and don’t want to understand how we feel.

Just because you feel you can’t talk to your friend over a cup of tea, doesn’t mean there is noone to talk to.

Don’t give up and don’t despair!  You are not alone!



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