The Number One Way To Lose Weight And Keep It Off

Published August 24, 2013 by Crystal

I like this blogger’s style, and it has a link to an interesting study.
Make happiness your goal!

The Bold Bee

Did I get your attention? I bet I did. So what is this super magical right of passage that I’m about to divulge to you? Where did I find the Holy Grail? Was it in a Paleo recipe book, or maybe underneath the squat rack at the gym? Did I hear it traveling over the wind on my latest river run?

            I’m sorry to disappoint you, and I know that this may be frustrating, but what I am about to say will not make you happy. What is the number one way to lose weight and keep it off? Stop trying to lose weight.


            Please, calm down and don’t throw the computer quite yet. Put the torch back in the closet. I would like to direct you to a study, and we all know how reliable and accurate those are! But seriously, just…

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