There are no “bad” foods…honestly!

Published August 24, 2013 by Crystal

I like this. It can be hard worrying if our kids are eating enough to nurture, but not making food a big issue is a great thing, and sets them up for a solid future.

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So what does this mean?  It means that if we are going to raise a child to develop healthy body image we need to get rid of the all or nothing thinking.  There is room for all foods in a diet that consists of predominately healthy and mindful food choices.  Does this mean I am suggesting allowing your child to eat as much candy or cookies as they want?  No, not all; or at least not all of the time.  It means that through a great learning curve we gradually teach our children, and yes through example (Aha, the hard part!) that all foods are ok to eat as long as we are eating what we genuinely desire, take the time to enjoy and stop when we are full.  Children must know that there are foods that our body needs to grow healthy and strong and foods that are simply…

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