There’ll be no wetsuit surfing.

Published August 24, 2013 by Crystal

I almost let myself fall into the lie of thinking I was disgusting and worthless because my wetsuit doesn’t fit this year.  For a brief moment, after struggling to fit in (a blooming workout that particular task is) I collapsed on the bed as the first few horrid criticising thoughts came into my head. Then I stopped myself.
I am a big girl. But it does not make me a worthless person. I have fat. But it does not make me disgusting. I am not going too let an extra half stone, and an inability to do up a bloody zip, dictate the mood of this holiday! I will be with my husband of almost ten years, a man who has seen me at every size and continues to fancy me quite literally through thick and thin! I will also be with my wonderful children, to whom I want to set the example that beauty is more than a size or a hair style or a face covered in make up. I am blessed to have been given these wonderful people and we will enjoy our holiday!

I’ll just be body boarding in my swimming costume and a long sleeve top 😉

Never forget you are more than your size, your height, your hair colour, your leg length, your exam grades, your number of friends, your number of admirers………..


One comment on “There’ll be no wetsuit surfing.

  • Bravo!!!!!! My hubby is same, he couldn’t care less what i look like , his love transcends how i may look at any given time re: my weight. If only we could overlook this ourselves 🙂

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