Things I learned on holiday!

Published September 1, 2013 by Crystal

We are back from a gorgeous gorgeous time in Cornwall.  I love Cornwall.  We’ve decided it will be our yearly destination.  It has everything we want.  This includes the most delicious pasties made in a bakery where you can watch them make them.   The scenery is beautiful and restorative, the sea changes with each day, our new discovery, St Nectan’s Glen is somewhere we will return time and again.  Overall it was a beautiful, wonderful time.

Now for the serial dieter, a holiday is a long opportunity to overdose on every delicious item of food available.  You want a fry up?  Go for it!  Cream tea?  Have two!  Want an ice cream?  Hell, make each one a double scoop, and don’t forget the flake!

For me though, this holiday was very, very different.  I ate as is the way I hope to continue eating and I actually lost weight!  I don’t know how much I have lost.  I’m still ignoring the scales, in fact, I have no desire to step on them in any way, shape or form.  But on the second to last day of the holiday I slipped on some jeans that in the couple of weeks before holiday were still a little snug.  They fitted and did up with ease, and I had no need by the evening to slip into a more comfy pair of trousers.

So let me list a few things I gleaned on this holiday;

  1. I don’t like ice cream.  I really don’t like it.  I don’t know why.  But being on holiday gave me no desire whatsoever to have them.  This is something that hasn’t come purely from this holiday.  It is most definitely an effect of intuitive eating.  Other things I also don’t particularly like include chocolate (except the really dark stuff), and crisps.
  2. I love vegetable pasties, but I do not need to eat it all just because it cost £3.  The thick bits of pastry at either end aren’t the best bit of the pasty, and there are no prizes for eating them both.  The dog, however, does like these bits, and will happily consume them for me.
  3. I need to keep a check on my iron levels.  This is actually quite a serious one.  Being on holiday, I wasn’t eating the greens I normally do, or pulses, or nuts.  Half way through my holiday I started to notice I was starting to feel really quite dizzy and exhausted and sick.  I realised my diet had been lacking, and it made the day a downer.  I was in tears by the end.  ON the plus side, my body generally feels so much better these days, that I notice the physical slips far more quickly than I used to.   A purchase of spatone and some iron dense foods do alleviate the symptoms, but it is something I need to keep reminding myself of (especially at that vile time of the month, which it was).
  4. Walking is a great way to explore and make my body happy on holiday.  And Cornwall is a great place to do this!  Especially places like Port Isaac with its steep roads!
  5. Not having distractions such as phone or books or tv during mealtimes, makes eating far more pleasurable.  Every mouthful was enjoyed and I regularly ate less than I thought I would.  More than once we enjoyed fish and chips in a cliff top car park, with the most beautiful views surrounding us.  This made the time all the more special.  It made the mealtime an event, a time to be savoured with all senses.  wpid-DSC_0158.jpg
  6. I really can live a life that doesn’t revolve around food!  OK, so I’m blogging about not dieting, and I think about food fairly often in that respect.  But hours would go by and I wouldn’t be wondering what I would be eating at my next mealtime!  Knowing I could have anything I want meant I wasn’t salivating at the thought of some mischevious dish!  And sometimes I didn’t even want a proper meal!  Sometimes I enjoyed picking at little things, focussing on them, and then eating again a while later when I felt hungry.  Sometimes I woke up starving, and I ate as soon as I awoke.  Other times I would wait an hour or so and join in the family cooked breakfast.
  7. And finally.  Being on holiday and not being on a diet, and not being about to go on a diet, is the most relaxing type of diet you can have!  There’s no preemptive “I’m going to eat everything now and go to class when I get back!”.  Every day is an opportunity to try new foods, or not, it’s up to you.  Every day a chance to take in the sights and sounds of a place you’re not in every day.  A chance to visit new towns and villages, to take long drives in gorgeous countryside.   And coming back lighter than when I left is just a great big bonus of a lovely holiday.

I didn’t get to do my tummy boarding this holiday, and that is a shame, but I just didn’t feel up to it this time around.  I knew that doing what I physically felt would be beneficial was important, and on this holiday it involved an awful lot of curling up with a good book while the menfolk hit the water.

And now it’s September, and the kids are almost back at school.

And life plods on.


5 comments on “Things I learned on holiday!

  • I can really relate to this something about being in beautiful surroundings makes it easier to eat intuitively but we have to make our own beautiful surroundings

    • Absolutely, or more I think, making meal times an occassion, so that you want to focus and enjoy! But can’t beat a gorgeous view to add to it! 😉

  • Sounds like the perfect sort of holiday! We love Cornwall too (Bedruthan steps if you want to combine some exercise with the most gorgeous place! Is high on my list) but just getting in steps towards 10k per day at The Lost Gardens or so many other places all makes for helping one feel they are doing something good 🙂 Thank you for sharing and I’m taking a leaf out of your book for next time xx

    • Oh we camped north of Newquay last year not too far from the Bedruthan Steps! Would have loved to have gone but the weather was horrendous the day we travelled in that direction. We ventured into Padstow, but any long walks that day were out of the question! Sometimes the long and exhausting walk makes the destination all the more beautiful, doesn’t it? 😀

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