The emotive nature of the badger cull has led me to a decision.

Published September 3, 2013 by Crystal

I’ve been a mostly vegan eater for some time now.  Occassionally I have dairy, or a bit of fish, and once in a while a piece of meat.  But the last two days I have decided I cannot eat meat or dairy any more.  It is purely my choice.  It is how I feel physically and emotionally and mentally that has brought me to this conclusion.

I may not be able to do much while the badger cull takes place in this country, but I can vote with my stomach.  I can refuse dairy and beef, and enjoy quality alternatives.  Alone, I’m not making much of an impact, but if everyone that is upset and angered by the culling were to stop drinking milk or eating cheese there would be a very big dent in the selling of milk.

One thing that has been holding me back from complete veganism, and something utterly ridiculous, is that I LOVE Hellman’s mayonnaise. The full fat version.  I love mayo.  On chips.  In sandwiches.  LOVE it.  But my conscience has decided that it is a sacrifice worth making, and I am committing to eating only vegan alternatives now!  I spent some time this morning reading reviews about the different products available, but ultimately it is a case of trial and error.

But this is an issue that intuitive eating seems to have brought out in me.  The nature of how food arrives on my plate affects me.  For me, I need to feel that my food is compassionate.  It tastes better, and leaves me feeling good physically, but it helps and heals on a very different level too, letting me feel better emotionally and psychologically.  I’m not the perfect vegan, I will slip here and there, but the more compassionate my meals are, the more benefit I feel I get, and there is an extra reason for no guilt around mealtimes.

Being vegan is an opportunity to try some utterly delicious things, and also to discover some trully horrific items that must never darken your door again!   There are such great ideas for substitutions, and you never need feel deprived (even with vegan mayo 😉 )  I have learnt that seitan is not to my taste at all, but I would never have tried mochi, and goodness they’re good!  Nutritional yeast is now a store cupboard staple, and I can experiment all I like with different types of hummus and dips!

But it has to be your own choice, your own journey, and something that may or may not be something you want to try as you discover your tastes change and develop on the journey of intuitive eating.




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