the HAES® files: Punching holes in the Matrix

Published September 4, 2013 by Crystal

A fun look into The Matrix and its parallel with the world of weight loss, but a serious message

Health At Every Size® Blog

by Dr Rick Kausman, MD

I have always loved the movie ‘The Matrix’.  I watched it again recently with my daughter Meaghan, and I can’t help but be struck by the parallels of the situation that Neo, Morpheus and their allies find themselves in the movie, with the circumstances of a growing number of people who are fighting passionately for a change in our culture.

If you have seen the movie, you will know that in ‘The Matrix’, the community is trapped in a world where there is no awareness that anything else outside their perceived world exists, even though there is a world outside.  This lack of awareness is through no fault of the community inside the Matrix.

Similarly, in the world we live in (across many countries), through no fault of their own, a large number of the general community are unaware that there is a world that…

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